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    Long distance relocation is much more complicated than your everyday local move. While the essence of the process remains unchanged, the distance involved creates additional complications. Furthermore, you will need to organize your time, balance your work and family life with the necessities of your relocation, get packing supplies, etc. Organizing a long distance move will be a lot easier if you have expert movers at your side, such as True Blue Moving Group FL. We can help you plan, organize, and execute the move according to your wishes. Contact us today and we will help you create an amazing relocation experience!

    Organizing a long distance move in seven simple steps

    If you want to make it easier on yourself, you may want to follow these seven steps:

    • Set a moving budget
    • Create a moving checklist
    • Declutter
    • Research and book a moving company
    • Obtain packing supplies or services
    • Consider storage and insurance
    • Pack an essentials bag

    You may also want to enlist some help from your friends and/or family members for the occasion. The fact of the matter is that everything is easier if you have a few people helping you. Delegating the tasks among your household members and other people will make it easier for everyone involved. You can also turn to your long distance movers West Palm Beach FL for help. You are not alone and you should not be trying to accomplish everything on your own. That said, let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these steps.

    Set a moving budget

    person budgeting while organizing a long distance move
    Before you do anything else, set a moving budget.

    The absolute first thing you want to do is to allocate funds to your relocation. This will allow you to save considerable time, considering which moving services to opt for. Your residential movers West Palm Beach FL can provide you with a completely effortless relocation process if you entrust everything to them. But for the most part, you will want to optimize your spending and do some things on your own.

    Create a moving checklist

    Speaking of which, there will be numerous tasks that you will need to accomplish. You may want to have a way to keep track of them. A moving checklist is a relocation staple, allowing you to organize your time and efforts in an optimal way. All you need to do is simply write down every single task that needs doing and you’ve successfully created it! Update the list regularly, as you complete or think of new tasks, as well. Lastly, you may want to stick the list in a visible location, preferably somewhere that you need to look at every day. Sticking the list on the fridge is most common but you can put it anywhere you like.

    Declutter when organizing a long distance move

    a cluttered room
    It is a lot smarter to declutter than to inflate the cost of your move.

    When relocating over long distances, the cost of your move is dependant on two primary factors. The distance and the number/weight of items that you are relocating. While you can’t do much about the distance, you may want to only carry the items that you actually need. Every home has plenty of “clutter”, and it is in your best interest to get rid of it before your move. You can declutter while packing but it is always better to start as soon as you know you will be moving. Make sure to include your family members in the process, as something that has no value to you might have extreme value to them.

    Research and book a moving company

    Most people choose to go with a professional mover for a long distance move. The main reason is the driving distance, but having professionals by your side simply makes everything easier. However, there are many movers that can help you deal with your residential or office relocation to/from Florida, you might want to do a bit of research beforehand. Moving scams are, unfortunately, not uncommon, and it is in your best interest to avoid them. Searching for a great mover takes time, though, and you will do well to start early. You can, of course, entrust your relocation to True Blue Moving Group, as we have extensive experience in interstate relocations. We are fully certified, insured, licensed, and bonded, of course. There will be no “shady” dealings with us!

    Obtain packing supplies or services

    The packing process is something you will have to go through. There are two main ways of going about it. First, you can simply hire packing services from your movers. Second, you do it on your own. You can also have your movers pack the more difficult items while you deal with the rest. In either case, you are going to need packing supplies. If you are hiring packing services, movers will have all that is necessary and you will not need to worry about it. Otherwise, you might want to stock up on moving boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts, etc.

    Consider storage and insurance

    Since your items are going to travel a long way, you might want to consider insuring them. While every mover will provide a valuation for your belongings, additional insurance will go a long way towards making sure that you are covered no matter what happens. Most movers partner with an insurance company (as they can’t legally sell insurance on their own) but you can find your own as well. The important thing is that you get reimbursed in any situation. The more valuable your belongings are the more they need insurance. 

    a storage facility
    A storage unit can make your move a lot more convenient.

    As for the storage unit, most people choose to rent one when moving interstate. The main reason is security, of course, but there’s also convenience. You can safely delay your trip, remodel/renovate your home without those items cluttering the space, etc. Having a storage unit available is going to make your relocation a lot easier.

    Pack an essentials bag when organizing a long distance move

    Lastly, you will want to pack an essentials bag when organizing a long distance move. The bag does not need to be large but it needs to contain anything you might need for a day or three. You will definitely want to include a change of clothes, some toiletries, an entertainment device or two, that sort of thing. While, most likely, you are not going to need all of the bag’s contents, having them available in case of accidents is a smart thing to do.

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