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    As with other spheres in life, not everything goes smoothly with your move. Problems do occur. Therefore, be careful when planning your relocation. Unfortunately, you may confront serious scams. Thus, you must be alert. Prepare to handle each situation. Avoid moving company scams. Make sure to find reliable movers St Pete. In order to do that, find out everything you can about scams. Only then will you be able to react properly in certain situations.

    How to check a company’s legitimacy?

    First and foremost, stay alert. While doing your search for the right long distance movers West Palm Beach FL make a detailed inspection. Check the company’s legitimacy.

    • Each company must be licensed – Legitimate moving companies must have licenses. Bear in mind, the US companies must have a unique DOT number. As with other countries, check local websites and forums. Moreover, see if the movers are members of the international moving associations. Hence, with a detailed search, it’s possible to evade movers’ scams.
    • Read the reviews – Both positive and negative reviews can help you decide. Even here frauds are possible. Thus, it’s not good if all the reviews are positive or negative. The most sincere is when you have positive comments with several negative ones.
    • Ask for recommendations – It’s always good to hear someone’s experience. Thus, make some phone calls. Check people’s experience with certain companies.

    How to avoid moving company scams?

    Above all, be aware of the many ways scammers use to trick you. Then, you’ll be ready to evade moving company frauds. Of course, new scams appear all the time. However, we’ve chosen to present the most frequent ones:

    • costs
    • bank detail changes
    • duplicate websites
    • phone estimates only
    • company name changes
    • insurance hiccups
    • unmarked trucks
    • packing
    • paying in cash
    • blank or partial contract
    • deposits

    Explore your options when it comes to moving costs

    The best idea is to get several moving estimates. Compare the costs. Cheap isn’t always the best option. It’s usually the way to attract clients. Then, frauds take place. After all, organizing a long distance move is demanding.  By all means, be thorough in your search. Know what to expect.

    Be aware of fake costs. Maybe they can’t be defined as a scam. Still, it’s something reliable movers wouldn’t do. Therefore, be well-informed. Check the internet. What can you expect? For instance, some companies include fuel costs, security expenses, the increased rate during peak season. Thus, it’s the company’s right to offer these costs. Still, it’s your right to find another company.

    Most companies don’t change their bank account details often (or ever)

    You may receive an email with a demand to make your payments on some other bank account. Start suspecting. Contact someone from that company. Don’t take for granted any changes concerning money.

    Be aware of duplicate websites

    Scammers can create a fake site. Of course, the name will be similar to the legitimate moving company. Therefore, pay attention to the site’s URL. Also, check misspelled letters. Still, it’s possible that companies change their URL or website. However, legitimate companies would publicly announce the change.

    Don’t settle for estimates over the phone

    a man looking at the paper and talking on the phone
    Do your search thoroughly. Not everything can be done by a phone call. Visit the company in person. Also, let them come to your home to do the estimate.

    It is a known fact that some movers do a phone estimate, take a deposit, and vanish. Therefore, a reliable moving company would come to your home to evaluate things. No true estimate can be done via a phone call. On the contrary, be careful even if an estimator comes to your home. Observe what he’s doing. If he’s just taking a quick walk through your home, something is wrong.

    A legitimate moving company will rarely have a need to re-brand its name

    Tracing the company’s history can help significantly. In case you notice several name changes, start suspecting.

    Moving insurance is a crucial fact when relocating

    Insurance is quite significant. Especially when using storage units for a longer period of time. Certainly, don’t expect the insurance to cover everything. In most cases, protection starts at 60 cents per pound. What to expect if your things get damaged, lost, or destroyed? The companies reimburse you that amount for the total weight of your possessions.

    Inspect the validity of moving trucks

    Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but even small details can reveal a lot. For instance, reputable companies own trucks with signage on them. Therefore, if you see an unmarked truck, be suspicious.

    Using professional packers

    Since the packing process is time-consuming, a good idea is to hire professional packers. Nevertheless, check if they’re experienced enough to handle your valuables. Moreover, scammers might steal something. Therefore, check well your company.

    Use credit cards

    a blue credit card
    Avoid moving company scams. Pay with a credit card.

    Above all, don’t pay in cash. Credit cards are a much more secure way to pay for services. These payments are insured. Thus, if something goes wrong you’ll be protected.

    Go through the contract before signing it

    a woman signing a contract in an office while a man is sitting on the other side of the desk.
    Get familiar with every part of the contract. Sign only if you’re sure that movers stick to the deal.

    Make sure to understand the terms and conditions of your contract. Also, the company is to provide you with information regarding your rights and responsibilities when moving. Furthermore, never sign a blank or partial contract.

    Make sure to explore your options when it comes to deposits

    Sometimes, companies demand a deposit. However, it should be small. Or a much better alternative, no deposit at all. Pay upon the delivery of your things. Don’t get scammed. Giving a significant amount of money as a deposit may lead to the disappearance of the scammers. Thus, be careful.

    Be smart, avoid scammers

    On the whole, plan well in advance in order to avoid moving company scams. Knowing the possible frauds will be of great help. Thus, search the internet. Hire a reputable moving company. Check the contract before signing it. Pay attention to every detail. Moreover, don’t give your money that easily. Credit cards are much safer than cash. Altogether, prepare beforehand. A solid plan will lead you to success.

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